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Dr. Aaron Schwartz is a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist and Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, offering CO2 laser-guided full functional releases of tongue and lip-tied newborns in the Metro Atlanta area.
Fill out the form to have Dr. Schwartz critically evaluate your child's tongue and/or lip-tie to allow him to make the best recommendation for treatment, so you can relieve your stress and help your baby achieve nursing success!


Why should you choose a laser frenectomy over a traditional method? Check out the benefits:

Lasers are very precise in where they cut tissue, leaving important anatomical landmarks alone.

The risk of bleeding is significantly reduced, as laser energy can stop bleeding from occurring.

The risk of infection is greatly diminished, as laser energy is sterile. 

No shots are needed for the procedure.    

The procedure is performed easily in-office, bypassing pricey hospital fees and allowing the baby to return to mom within minutes.

frequently asked questions

  • What is a "frenectomy?"

    A "frenectomy" is a procedure that involves releasing the tight or elongated frenulum; either the lingual frenulum, labial frenulum, or both.

    The overarching goal of a frenectomy is to have babies command optimal oral-muscular movement while nursing. A frenectomy allows for a wider range of tongue and lip motion, leading to a better latch and better oral-muscular movements while nursing. In turn, this may lead to more efficient nursing for the baby and less nipple pain for the mother.

  • What is a frenulum?

    We all have a frenulum— it’s the connective tissues underneath the lip and tongue. The labial frenulum is found under the top lip, and lingual frenulum is found under the tongue.

    When the attachment sites for frenulums are abnormally tight or elongated, it can restrict proper oral movements or lead to latching difficulties, making feeding inefficient for nursing newborns. Not only that, but it can also lead to intense pain for the mother!

  • What are symptoms my baby has tongue & lip-tie?

    • Poor, shallow, or non-sustainable latch
    • Popping on and off and frequently breaking seal
    • Gumming and/or chewing on nipple
    • Falling asleep at breast
    • Unable to hold pacifier
    • "Clicking" noise while nursing
    • Swallowing excessive amounts of air
    • Reflux or gas
    • Long feeding times with short time between feedings
    • Poor weight gain

  • What symptoms will I have if my baby has tongue & lip-tie?

    • Nipple pain
    • Nipple discomfort
    • Creased, blanched, or "lipstick" shaped nipples
    • Cracked, bruised, blistered, or bleeding nipples
    • Infected nipples
    • Mastitis and nipple thrush
    • Engorged/unemptied breasts
    • Plugged ducts
    • Exhaustion
    • Depression

  • How can tongue & lip-tie affect my child?

    Untreated tongue & lip-tie may:
    • Increase risk of non-optimal weight gain
    • Impact airway and breathing
    • Influence tooth and jaw development
    • Create difficulties maintaining proper oral hygiene
    • Increase risk for developing cavities
    • Lead to speech and language impediment

  • What are the complications and risks of a laser frenectomy?

    Having a laser frenectomy is typically a safe and simple procedure, however, the follow can occur:
    • Delayed lactation support
    • No improvements in nursing
    • Oral-aversion for the baby
    • Trauma to developing salivary glands and lingual artery
    • Bleeding

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Dr. Aaron Schwartz DDS, MPH is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist and Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry, offering CO2 laser-guided full-functional releases of tongue and lip-tied newborns in the Metro Atlanta area. 

Dr. Schwartz is recognized to perform laser frenectomies by the American Board of Laser Dentistry. He feels fortunate to be able to provide tongue & lip-tie releases in Atlanta, helping newborns and mothers achieve nursing success.


ATL: Attached Tongue and Lip at Schwartz Dentistry for Children is dedicated to providing you and your baby nursing relief by offering quick, effective, and safe laser frenectomy procedures. We're looking forward to meeting you soon!

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